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Practice for physio- & pain therapy in Bochum/Innenstadt (Germany)

If you are looking for a specialist for physiotherapy, lymphatic drainage, manual therapy or physiotherapy in Bochum/Innenstadt (Germany), you will find it in the practice of the physician Michael Sachs. The practice for physio & pain therapy is located in the middle of downtown Bochum. In addition to classic physiotherapeutic services, many other services are also offered there, such as massages for wellness enthusiasts, as well as alternative treatment methods for pain reduction.
Physiotherapy in Bochum/Innenstadt
Within the scope of physiotherapy (also called physiotherapy or remedial gymnastics), individual treatment plans are drawn up and carried out for patients. Numerous different techniques are used to alleviate or completely cure people’s ailments and complaints.
Lymphatic drainage in Bochum/city center
One of the methods used by the practice for physio- & pain therapy located in the city center of Bochum is the so-called lymphatic drainage. The aim of this is to support the pumping function of the human vascular system when it is only able to perform at a reduced level. Manual lymphatic drainage is a very gentle form of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system.
In addition to lymphatic drainage, manual therapy also plays an important role in the daily work of the experienced team. This treatment approach diagnoses and treats functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
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